Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Support Capt. Gordon Charles Pereira

The arrest of M.V Prabhu Daya’s master Gordon Charles Pereira has exposed the differential treatment meted out to Enrica Lexie and Prabhu Daya by the authorities.

Capt. Umberto Vitelli, of Enrica Lexie, the Italian vessel which shot dead two Indian fishermen, is still a free man almost a month after the incident.

The authorities are using two entirely different yardsticks. No action has been taken against the captain of the Italian vessel which committed a more serious offence. M.V Prabhu Daya was involved in an accident, but the Enrica Lexie incident was a deliberate murder by shooting.

There’s another aspect also. The crime committed by Enrica Lexie is higher in gravity compared to that of Prabhu Daya. Enrica’s was an outright murder. Experts in the shipping industry has pointed out that it was a pre-meditated killing for a reward. For every pirate killing they get a reward.

With pain we sympathise with the families of the fisherman who lost their lives in the tragic accident. We pray for the families and may god bless all the families who lost loved one.

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